Justin Wuetcher

Social research and design processes in symbiotic harmony.

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Design Research

Design research aims to shed light on human behavior, to better understand the world and the specifics of the cultures we live in. As a trained social scientist I have experience in both quantitative & qualitative research methodologies including interviewing & ethnography. When applied, this research builds a basis for human & user centered design.


I’ve lead diverse groups of stakeholders and students through understanding the role of  design, social research, and design thinking exercises and have helped them develop solutions to complex problems. My areas of specialization include research methodology, socially responsive design, and community empowerment.

Visual Communication

As a professional designer, I work in a variety of the media to create a visual story. I am constantly seeking new techniques to apply to my visual tool belt to push my content one step further. My background is in graphic design and photojournalism, with recent work in data visualization, prototyping, and public awareness campaigns.

My Portfolio

Below are some of my best design, photographic, and academic works.

Justin is a designer, researcher, and strategist, incorporating his experience with traditional sociology, research methods, and graphic design into a single holistic practice. His work connects a variety stakeholders, encouraging collaboration between parties to create solutions that are uniquely and equally powerful, desirable, and useful. He works to explore new strategies for intercultural communication, community empowerment, and education.



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